Exhibitions, publications, lectures and festivals

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Recent exhibitions, lectures, publications and festivals produced and directed by Garry Kennard


Garry Kennard is director of Art and Mind (Charity 1126035) (link here - Art and Mind)

Recent exhibitions

Exhibition of complete 'Holloway Icons' series as part of the 2014 Holloway Arts Festival.

Series of portraits of women scientists commissioned by and exhibited at The Royal Society 2013.

Retrospective exhibition at GV Art, London. First complete showing of 'The Holloway Icons' among a large selection of work from 1998 to the present. (January 2013).

Secular Icons - an exhibition of new paintings, The Gallery, Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, (March 2011)

Sea, Rivers and Rhynes - Secular Icons. Exhibition at The Conway Hall, London (September - December 2010)

Exhibition 'The Sea and other icons' in Petworth House. Includes new series of paintings 'the Sea'. Part of the Petworth Festival - Garry Kennard was festival artist-in-residence (July 2009)

Exhibition of 10 paintings in mixed show, Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester, UK (August 2004)Exhibition of 3 large paintings Theatre Royal, Winchester UK (March 2004)

Exhibition of 30 paintings, Lauderdale House, London, UK (February 2003)

Exhibition of 8 paintings in mixed show, Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester, UK (December 2002 -January2003)

Exhibition of 27 paintings at Clare Hall, Cambridge University, UK (May 2002)

Exhibition of 8 paintings in mixed show, Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester, UK (November 2001 - January 2002)

Exhibition of 25 paintings, Mary Ogilvie Gallery, St. Anne’s College, Oxford University, U.K (June - July 2001)

Exhibition of 70 paintings and drawings, Conway Hall, London, U.K (October 2000)

Lauderdale House

Festival directorships

Co-host with Robert Devcic of GV Art, London, of The GV Art and Mind Symposia - 2010 to present.

Director of festival 'Dreams, art and the brain'. Includes first performance in Winchester Cathedral of a new work by Sir John Tavener (June/July 2009)

Director of festival ‘Who am I? Who are you? The art and science of identity’ (June 2008)

Director of festival ‘Entrances and Exits: the art and science of birth and death’ (March 2007) 

Director of symposium ‘Mind into Matter’, at the exhibition of work by Susan Aldworth
at the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre and Gallery (June 2006)

Director of festival ‘Space, Architecture and the Brain’ (March 2006)

Director of festival ‘Language, Poetry and the Brain’ (October 2005)

Director of fetival ‘Religion, Art and the Brain’ (March 2005)

Director of festival ‘Humour, Art and the Brain’ (October 2004)

Director of ‘The Winchester Festival of Art and the Mind’ (March 2004)


Shot address at the launch of CREATE, Dept. of Philosophy, Univerity College London. ((11 May 2016)

Lecture 'Ar/Religiont and Neuroscience'. London Students Neuroscience Symposium, Imperial College, London, (8 February 2016).

Lecture 'The Dream of Reason' for The Institute for Cultural Research at Kings College London. (June 2013)

'Art and Mind - can neuroscience illuminate the experience of art?' - lecture at Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution (March 2011)

Lecture with Rita Carter 'Picturing perception: Art and the brain'. Kinetica Art Fair (February 2011)

Lecture 'Dreams houses - temples, cinemas and Ipods', Art and Mind festival (July 2009)

Lecture 'Art, Mind and Identity', Art and Mind Festival (June 2008)

Lecture ‘Art and Mind’, Louise T Blouin Foundation, London (January 2008)

Organised and participated in ‘Art and sacred places’, Dana Centre, Science Museum (December 2007)

Lecture ‘Darwin. Art and the Brain’, British Humanist Society (February 2007)

Lecture ‘Art, the Brain’and Beliefs’, British Humanist Society (September 2005)

Lecture ‘Art and the Brain’, BA Festival of Science, Exeter University (October 2004)

Lecture ‘Places to Dream’, at Maltby Contemporary Art, Winchester (January 2003)

Lecture on ‘Consciousness and Iconic Painting’, at Clare Hall, Cambridge University. (May 2002)

Lecture on Contemporary Art at Maltby Contemporary Art Gallery, Winchester, (December 2001)

Two lectures on art and perception to the Ethical Society at The Conway Hall, London, U.K., (November 2000)


'Essays and Images' by GV Art. (January 2013)

‘Art and Mind’ - essay published in the Nepalese Journal of Neuroscience (March 2007)

‘The Uses of Paradox’ - essay published by The Institute for the Psychological Study of the Arts,
University of Florida, U.S.A. (Spring 2001)


Visits to run workshops in two schools near Petworth as artist in residence Petworth Festival(July 2009)                             

Visits to run workshops at Harrow Way School, Andover (2007, 2008).