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Essays and Images    

The distinguished science writer, Rita Carter, writes in her preface:
‘Certainly this beautiful book will engage and satisfy readers and viewers on many different levels. Combining images and symbols, and forging first and second-person perspectives, it creates an unusually fully-rounded view of one human mind at work’.

‘Essays and Images’ by Garry Kennard, published by GV Art, begins a rare, in-depth conversation between neuroscience and the lived experience of a contemporary artist. It examines perception, illusion, memory and dreams and the strange mind states involved in transcendence, myth making and self-creation. Kennard believes that it is now impossible for artists to ignore new knowledge of our perceptions emerging from neuroscience nor fail to acknowledge the profound nature of its implications for life in a post-religious world. To compliment the essays the book contains 19 colour reproductions of Garry Kennard's paintings. Comments on 'Essays and Images':

From Dr Paul Broks (author of 'Into the Silent Land'): . . . thanks for sending me a copy of Essays and Images. It's a very fine piece of work, some lovely writing, and I know I'll be dipping into it again and again. Congratulations!

From Noah Hutton of 'The Beautiful Brain' website:  Your book is absolutely wonderful. Or, I should say, rather - fills me with a feeling of wonder. Dynamite stuff. Just wanted to send you a quick note as I'm very excited by what I've read so far.

From Professor Sunetra Gupta, scientist and novelist:
I have meanwhile been reading – and very much enjoying – your essays. I particularly like the concept of a temple of transaction . . . and felt a great affinity with the idea that the approach to a particular space is crucial – that the experience of a cathedral can indeed be completely altered by entering it through the wrong door.

Alice Kingsnorth, art lecturer, Sacramento:
This work is a rich, sparse, beautiful, clear contribution. So appreciate the sensibleness of your thoughts, what you consider important to state, the statements themselves whether, written or visual, the artful brevity, the layout, and adore the mix of genres and which writers you chose to quote. Thank you so much for seeing it through. A fine, fine, fine elegant, less is more, contribution to human culture.

Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association:
Thanks very much for the book which I read over the holiday with interest and admiration ('The Ends of Art' no less than 'Man in a Dark Room').




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