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This list will develop over the coming months into a rich reference for those interested in the work and ideas displayed on this website.


Art/Science Art and Mind
  The Beautiful Brain
  GV Art
  The Institute of Neuroesthetics
  The Louise T. Blouin Foundation
  Mind Science Foundation
  The European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB)
  The Dana Foundation
  Southampton Neuroscience Group
  From Mirror Neurons to the Mona Lisa
  TheArts Catalyst
  The October Galley
  Mind Science Foundation
  Art and Sacred Places
  Laboraratory of Neurobiology
  Center for Consciousness Studies
  Quite Interesting
  Neuroscience for Kids
Scientists, writers Rita Carter
  Professor V. S. Ramachandran
  Professor Richard Wiseman
  Dr. Daniel Glaser
  Dr Dylan Evans
  Dr. Susan Blackmore
  Professor Richard Gregory
  Dr. Mark Lythgoe
  Professor A. C. Grayling
  Professor Bruce Hood
  Eduardo Juaregui
  Professor Steven Mithen
  Dr. John Zeisel
  Professor Guy Claxton
  Dr. Harry Witchel
Artists/musicians/writers Susan Aldworth
  Richard Devereux
  Andrew Carnie
  Antony Gormley
  Malcolm Creese - Acoustic Triangle
  Ruth Padel

Professor Paul Robertson

  Kate Dicker
  David Dixon