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My book 'Essays and Images' is now available on this website as a free PDF file download.

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All the essays in this book and more recent work maybe read and/or dowloaded from the list below.

Essays and Images:   Prologue

Essays and Images: Visions - uninvited Guests

Essays and Images: Dreams - wheredo we go?

Essays and Images: Memory - what exactly happened?

Essays and Images: Keeping the lid on it - a rural interlude

Essays and Images: Paying attention - the disappearance of Rosa

Essays and Images: Man in a dark room - the shadows of perception

Essays and Images: Uses of Paradox

Essays and Images: Temples of trasaction

Essays and Images: The Ends of Art

Essays and Images: Proverbs from the void

Travel: The Flowers of Dolpo - on the physicality of thought

Criticism: The Tate Modern extension

Criticism: Giacometti

Criticism: Goya

Criticism: Ai Weiwei

Criticism: In their right minds by Carole Brooks Platt

Criticism: Encounter - a new production by Complicite

Criticism: Andrew Carnie - into a dark garden


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Garry Kennard lecturing at his gallery 'Atelier La Serre' in Paziols, France.


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Art and Mind

This article begins with a personal review of art and brain research. It ends with an attempt at a unifying theory of art/religion and their significance in relation to what we know of how our brains work.


Consciousness and the iconic image

This deals with consciousness and morals as related to art/religion.


State of the art

A polemic against art bollocks with a suggested solution.


Art and science - the basics

Everything you ever wanted to know about art and science in 746 words